This is blog to show off some things that Joshua is working on! (also to rp and answer any asks :>) P.S. He's a huge Glen Keane fan!
The Art of Joshua O'Hare

OOC *first post here in forever i’m sorry*

Okay guys, Salem here. 
Due to friends IRL that have found me on tumblr, I can’t really be quite erm, foul mouthed and dirty minded and such on my main account anymore. This is because I live in a society that is and have friendships here in Utah that are very mormon based and will ruin their precious little minds and their opinions of me.
Should I care? Probably not, but with what few friends I still actually retain, I kind of need to watch what I do. 

So, I may create a separate account as to where I can be myself, or I may start posting things on my NSFW blog theblackcatscuriosity 

I’ll keep you posted

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Let’s meet Disney [ 1 / ∞ ] Glen Keane.

Glen Keane : April 13, 1954 (59)
Occupation : animator, author and illustrator.
Characters : Ariel - Beast - Aladdin - Pocahontas - John Silver - Tarzan - Rapunzel.
He’s one of the best animators in Disney and worldwide, was one of the first animators to bring Disney into the Renaissances and getting it out of the Dark Ages, also he’s one of the most famous Disney animators and one of the group sometimes referred to as the “Nine New Men”, His impacts on Disney and the movies he was in is undeniable, as he’s the one of the main reasons the movies succeed, his fave feature in animation is the eyes. he left Disney on March 23, 2012.

The amazing Glen Keane and his magnificent contributions to Disney.


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Soooo.. you're a girl, hah... Let's see.. Mmm.. Simple question: What do you most like and least like about being a girl?


Wait what! I’m not a girl! Who said I was a girl?!

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Have you met Sam's family yet?


Yup! They’re a family of odd balls, but I really like ‘em!

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Hello! Magic anon here! For the next three questions, you will be a girl! Enjoy it!


Oh! Uh, okay!

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Omg you are cute and Sam is cute and Anny is cute you are all just so cute and I just //rolls into orbit

W-whoa! Hey come back!

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Why didn't you choose Pj over Arthur?


Pj reminded me of myself too much. It would make me feel like my son was dating a younger version of myself…

He’s a nice kid don’t get me wrong! But… yeah. REFLECTION.

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So A Decision Has Been Made

The boy that I will be allowing to date Anny is Arthur Clawson.

So there.

Now I’m going to go cry in a corner because Anny’s growing up.

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What did it look like when you and Sam first met the applicants?


Sam was pleasant and cute with all the boys (as always i mean who has a cute husband than me?)

Me… I was quiet. And stern.

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A hint like... "Where it happened?" Or maybe... "Who was more vocal?" Pretty please~?


Um… we’re both pretty uh… vocal

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